Wagoner County Man Accused Of Torturing Woman, Dog In “House Of Horrors”

WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. (KFSM) — A Wagoner County man has been arrested and is accused of kidnapping, animal cruelty, and aggravated assault, according to authorities.

Wagnor County deputies say, Joseph Meyer,36, kidnapped a woman at gunpoint on Dec. 7 and held her against her will for three days.

Meyer kept the victim in his Wagoner County home that investigators called a “house of horrors.”

According to a probable cause affidavit, the victim told police Meyer repeatedly beat her with a handgun, metal pipe, his hands and feet, and stragled her to the point of unconsciousness for the three days he held her at his house.

Meyer took the victim to a hotel in Muskogee, where she was still his prisoner.

She waited for Meyer to fall asleep to make her escape. After her escape, law enforcement was contacted, and the victim was admitted into the hospital.

The victim suffered from severe injuries and multiple contusions and abrasions, according to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.

Wagoner County Sheriff’s Investigators obtained a search warrant for Meyer’s home on Dec. 11.

Several items were seized, including a loaded handgun and metal pipe.

Also found at Meyer’s home was the victim’s young dog that appeared to be close to death.

An investigator on the scene stated, “The dog was wrapped in a steel wire with no food, water, or shelter just waiting to die.”

The dog, (Bandit) appeared to have also suffered physical trauma.

An affidavit states Meyer beat and poisoned the dog, leaving him for dead.

Bandit was taken to an animal clinic.

Meyer is being held at the Muskogee County Detention Center and will be extradited to Wagoner County. He is being held without bond.

He is facing complaints of kidnapping, multiple counts of assault and battery, animal cruelty, threatening an act of violence, and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott stated, “I never get used to the evil deeds people do to others. The victim and everyone at this department are happy she survived.  It was clear that she would continue being a victim of this horrific crime for the rest of her life.”  “I have no doubt that there was just the thinnest of line to my Deputies being called out to a kidnapping crime scene, as opposed to responding to a murder. The strength of the victim to escape with the injuries she sustained is something right out of a horror movie.” Sheriff Elliott continued, it’s easy to look over all the victims in domestic violence. As people are our priority, it is common for pets to become victims as well.” “The hurting of pets is a common trait among abusers as a vehicle to inflict pain and suffering to the intended victim. I’m just happy my staff had the heart to save Bandit from a long and painful death that no animal in this world deserves.  We will seek justice for the victim and her beloved pet in the case.”

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