Friends In Fort Smith Gather To Celebrate Hometown Teams Playing In CFB Playoff

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) -- Tonight, (Dec. 28) the College Football Playoffs will determine which team play for a national championship.

In Fort Smith, some friends gathered to celebrate their cherished college teams.

Bowl season in college football also means playoff season for those teams with the best records.

Fans of Oklahoma and LSU celebrated together Saturday as their teams met for a chance at the College Football Championship.

"Red's gonna pull red. Purple's gonna pull purple. You know what I'm saying. We'll just have fun with it." said Pastor Preston Smith of The Bridge Church.

Food and drinks were laid out, decorated for each team, and ready for those looking to enjoy a good football game.

"Meatballs, little Smokeys, I mean we got all kinds of stuff we got food flying everywhere probably, we're gonna have to repaint the house, those types of things when it's all set and done." Said, Monty Anderson.

The Andersons are lifelong Oklahoma fans. Monty is from a small town outside of Oklahoma City. He grew up rooting for OU over their in-state rival Oklahoma State. Even though they moved to Arkansas, the passion for the Sooners is still there.

"You have your pride in the home state that you're from. Even though you're transplanted to a different state, you still have that love for your hometown." Said Anderson.

Monty says he invited members of his church over because they have a connection with LSU.

"Most of our church is LSU fans they are transplants from Louisiana actually," said Anderson.

The church's pastor is a faithful tigers fan and remembers all his sports memories from growing up in the Bayou State.

"LSU, Saints games. I was in Tulane Stadium for the Saints game when the kicker kicked the 63-yard field goal." Said Pastor Preston Smith.

Pastor Smith is confident in his Tigers.

“And I told em I said this is the year that LSU might beat em and so it was our chance this year it was our time,” said Pastor Smith.

The score become one-sided by halftime with LSU leading 49-14. Anderson said regardless of the outcomes he's happy to have his friends over.

"It’s all gonna be a lot of fun because that’s what it’s all about. Football is to bring people together,” said Anderson.


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