Bentonville Couple Celebrates Season Finale Of HGTV Show

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Fixer to Fabulous, a show about restoring homes in Northwest Arkansas, officially ends its first season Tuesday (Jan. 14).

Jenny and Dave Marrs filmed the last episode two years ago as a pilot, and tonight they invited the community to celebrate with them.

“It’s like we’re all bound together in order to make this go out into the world and it feels like a big team effort with the community,” Jenny said.

The Bentonville couple began remodeling historic homes in 2004. When they got the call a couple of years ago about starting a show on HGTV, they couldn't believe it.

“I’ve told this story before but I deleted the email at first because I thought it was spam and then I found out it wasn’t and we kinda went from there,” Jenny said.

From there they began helping people create the homes of their dreams, moments they say they will always remember.

“What a joy it is to have that documented so we know what it looks like, we know what the walls look, like when they were torn apart,” said Tim and Genessa Newberry.

Even for those who helped build the houses, the experience was memorable. They say it doesn't feel like your ordinary tv show.

“There’s no scripts there’s no nothing you just work, and whatever comes out of your mouth comes out of your mouth," builder Joe Looney said.

Tim and Genessa say the work of the Marrs' is something that blows their guests away.

“Even to this day when people come to our house they look at us and say 'guys you have a great house you did a great job,' and we have to tell them that we really didn’t have anything to do with it it was Dave and Jenny and everything they did,” the Newberry's said.

Dave and Jenny say tonight's event also was a chance to celebrate their charity which supports a farming program in Zimbabwe.

The proceeds of tonight's paid seating will go towards the nonprofit.

The Marrs' say they will find out whether they will have a second season in a few weeks.

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