Fayetteville City Council Decides On Location For New Dickson Street Parking Deck

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — The City of Fayetteville is one step closer to building a new parking deck to replace the parking lot they intend to turn into a park on Dickson Street. The location is sparking controversy for some.

Tuesday (Jan. 21) night, the city council made the decision to build the new parking deck in the depot parking lot just off the intersection of Dickson Street and West Avenue.

“I think building the parking deck will allow for a lot more traffic in the area and it will be good for the local businesses,” said Katey Martin, barista at Doomsday Coffee.

The likely spot for the new parking deck is in the depot parking lot, catty-corner from the Walton Arts Center.

Doomsday Coffee is located off West Avenue near Dickson Street. Martin says she has some concerns about the new parking garage.

“The look I don’t think will necessarily be too pretty and right in the middle of our entertainment district,” she said.

The new parking deck will have around 350 parking spaces and could be five to six stories tall. These parking spaces will replace the almost 300 spaces that will be lost from the Walton Arts Center lot once the city turns the lot into a culture arts corridor.

City of Fayetteville environmental director Peter Nierengarten says the renderings show there will be an alley between Arsaga’s at the Depot and the parking deck.

“There was strong intent in ensuring the ground floor of the parking deck has active uses and businesses that front that alley, so that alley gets activated from sides,” he said.

Nierengarten says one of the main reasons the council really likes the depot lot is because it’s close to the Walton Arts Center. 

“That provides for additional development on the site so that it not only provides parking but generates sales tax revenue," he said. "Potentially provides venues and businesses for people to work at or for people to visit and spend their money.”

The city expects to break ground this fall and have the project completed late summer or early fall 2021.

The Bank of Fayetteville is near where the new deck will be built and they tell us they have no plans to close that branch and will continue serving customers at the train bank location.

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