Residents Looking For Ways To Stop Limestone Quarry Near Lowell

LOWELL, Ark. (KFSM) — Residents near Lowell are now taking legal action to try and stop a 135-acre limestone quarry from opening.

After pass through the Benton County Planning commission with a four to two vote, the quarry proposed by David Covington Trust is a checklist away from starting blasting.

A group of passionate citizens gathered at the Lowell Town Hall Monday (Jan. 27) night to devise a plan to stop the proposed limestone quarry. The group now has a legal time with environmental experience on their side.

Residents of the Cross Hollow area say a long fight to stop a quarry in their back yards is far from over.

"This association has formed, and we are taking legal action in order to stop the quarry and thereby preserve the Cross Hollows area," Marin Miller with the Cross Hollows Quarry Association said.

The Benton County Planning Commission voted to allow the limestone quarry to go on a stretch of 135-acres along N Old Wire Rd. The unpaved roads that run along that area sit in a valley called Cross Hollows, which is rich in history.

Outside of historic preservation concerns, homeowners in the area fear the rock blasting and mining could damage their natural springs and wells, which serves as their only water source since the area is outside of any cities lines.

Also, people who live in the area fear the negative impacts the quarry could have years down the road.

"We just want to be able to raise our kids, or some people even retire in our homes without crushing and blasting and the truck traffic on these rural dirt roads," Miller said.

The long list of concerns is what members of the Cross Hollows Preservation Association say keeps their passion for continuing to push back against the quarry.

"We have to be in it for the long haul. I mean we can give up now, we can just sit on our hands, and say well that's done, that's that, there's going to be a quarry, but we feel we have the grounds to fight back," Miller said.

Now the association is brainstorming ways to raise funds for its cause and spread awareness about the issue.

5NEWS has reached out to David Covington Trust for comment about the quarry, but have not heard back yet.

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