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Recent Articles
  • Senior Center Struggling To Deliver Meals To Homebound Seniors

    ALMA (KFSM) — As she revved the engine of one of the cars, it roared an abnormal roar. “It sounds terrible,” remarked Lori Oliver of the Alma Senior Center. The senior center is struggling to deliver meals to seniors. “We deliver around 150 ‘Meals On Wheels’ to Alma.” It’s struggling because its fleet of vehicles are in bad shape. “Our mechanic told us he’s just putting Band-Aids on them now because there’s really not a whole lot he can do.” […]

  • Local Heads Mission To Restore Century Old Chapel

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — He pointed out the cracks on the stairs built more than 100 years ago. 100 years later, Vincent Scott is trying to repair those cracks. The cracks on a building sitting in the middle of the National Historic Register. “There’s something about it that just says history,” he said as he eyed it. The Quinn Chapel comes with a bevy of issues. “What’s not the issue?” Scott joked. The stained glass panels are broken, covered poorly […]

  • EMT Receives ‘Hometown Hero’ Award After Rescuing Young Girl

    CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) — Ryan Ciampoli was honored Tuesday as the Fire-Dex ‘Hometown Hero’. “I still replay the same scenario back and forth,” he said. He was recalling an incident in which a 4-year-old girl falls from the back of a moving bus in Harrison. Ciampoli, in a dash, came to her rescue. “The first week or two, it was pretty bad thinking about it,” he said, “worrying if I did the right thing.” Some believe it’s wrong to move […]

  • Local School District Saddened By Loss Of Retired Teacher

    POCOLA (KFSM) — A retired teacher from the Pocola School District is the victim who died in a multi-vehicle crash Friday (Sept. 8) — a crash that shut down Highway 112. “Outside of a colleague, she’s been a life-long friend,” said a current teacher in the district, Britton Reaves. Reaves knew Sandy Wilson for a long time. “I think my daughter’s last class was the last class that she taught,” he said. “When they came and told us (what happened), […]

  • Locals Worry About Driving, Road Conditions In Town Without Police Station

    UNIONTOWN (KFSM) — You might know Sherry Marshall as Ms. Senior Arkansas 2017. But lately, the Uniontown resident has taken on a different role. “We have quite a dip here in the bridge,” she said of Highway 220 West. She’s working to bring awareness to what she calls a dangerous road way. Scenic Highway 220 West, she said, is filled with dangerous obstacles. “Somebody is going to get hurt at some point.” Dangerous obstacles like potholes and roads with no […]

  • “Klan” Street Sign Stolen From Local Town, Some Call For Name Change

    PARIS (KFSM) — The recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia is starting to shed light on different things happening in communities across the country. In the town of Paris, Arkansas — a street sign is stolen. And it’s the name of the sign that have some wanting change. “We’re walking up East Klan Street, about a mile long street,” explained Paris mayor, Daniel Rogers. It’s a quiet street on the south side of the town. As striking as the name sounds, […]

  • New Officers Are Good News, But Department Still Has Way To Go

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Six new police officers received their badges Monday (August 21st), but the Fort Smith Police Department is still a ways a way from being fully staffed. Recruiting coordinator, Corporal Scott Jackson tells 5NEWS the department is staffed with about 136 officers. He says the budget allows for 151. But they’d prefer to be at 164. Which means the department remains short staffed, and even with the introduction of bright, young officers, it still has a long […]

  • Local Couple Married During Eclipse

    LAVACA (KFSM) — As shadows dropped down over Lavaca City Park, a once in a lifetime moment took place during a once in a lifetime event. “This day is made possible because of your love for each other,” said the wedding officiator, Jack James. With only family nearby, Justin Lingo and Wendy Martin were married under the moon-draped sun. “I pronounce that they are now husband and wife. You may kiss your bride,” said James. And as they kissed, it […]

  • Local Men Wear Heels For A Good Cause

    POTEAU (KFSM) –Friday night (August 18th), the men of Poteau walked a mile in her shoes. That’s what the event was called, for the record — ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’. “All the men are wearing heels, yes,” said Deanna Chancellor of Women’s Crisis Services. Wearing heels to benefit victims of domestic violence, stalking, and assault. “What makes it personal for me is I’ve seen victims survive,” said Chancellor. “It’s a heart breaking situation.” That’s why the men of […]

  • Local Nearly Falls Victim To Home Rental Scam

    FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Another scam is making the rounds. A scammer found a home for sale in Fort Smith and decided to put it up for rent on Craigslist well below market value. “They put out the emails and hope somebody will be desperate enough to send them the money to secure the property. Then the keys never come,” said the actual realtor for the home, James Vitale. Vikki Harriet nearly fell victim. “I was really angry. This is […]

  • Local Music Festival Goes Extra Mile For Sustainability

    OZARK (KFSM) — It’s one of the most unique festivals you’ll find and it takes place in Ozark at the Byrd’s Adventure Center. From rinse stations to water filtration systems and solar power panels, “You can never get 100% solar, but we try to feed through as much as we can,” said promotions manager, Jeremy Gunn. Ozark’s Homegrown music festival really lives up to its name. “All of our vendors are from Arkansas. We try to keep everything home-grown,” he […]

  • Local Police Act On Possible Carbon Monoxide Issues In Ford Explorers

    VAN BUREN (KFSM) — An entire police fleet of Ford Explorers have been taken off the road in Austin, Texas after two more police officers were found with carbon monoxide in their blood, bringing the total to 20. Federal regulators have expanded their investigation into reports that exhaust fumes were leaking into the passenger cabins. With those investigations underway, police departments here at home are considering their own options. “It definitely makes us worry about our fellow officers,” said detective […]

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