Ashley is a native of northeast Arkansas and grew up in the small town of Batesville, but is proud to begin her career in the place she has called home for the past four years. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, where she was on the Dean’s List and was a recipient of an Arkansas Broadcaster’s Association scholarship.

While at the U of A, Ashley worked as a reporter and producer at UATV and won a regional SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Mark of Excellence award for in-depth reporting on local Hurricane Katrina relief.

Before joining the 5NEWS team in April 2006 as a reporter, she worked as a summer intern at KATV-Channel 7 in Little Rock. While she’s not working, she enjoys working out, trying out new restaurants, traveling home to see her family, and watching The Amazing Race.

Recent Articles
  • Arkansas Makes Progress in Child Well-Being Rankings

    Arkansas sees a shift in the rankings when it comes to investments being made in the well-being of children. In one year the state improved to 42nd in the country, up from 47th. The Annie E. Casey Foundation puts out the annual rankings that are based on economic well being, education, family and community and health.  According to the report released Wednesday, Arkansas made strides in health and education, but fell behind in poverty.  “We did better in health and […]

  • Program Employs Disabled While Helping Local Businesses

    For more than two decades the Elizabeth Richardson Center has been rehabilitating people with disablities, teaching them a skill and giving them a job. The non-profit organization, which is located on South Old Missouri Road in Springdale, also houses Richardson Industries. On any given weekday, you`ll find up to 80 adults with disabilities working in the warehouse. “I wake up with a smile on my face and come through the door and just interact with people more,” says ERC client, […]

  • HEALTHWATCH: Dr. Shopping

    In today’s Healthwatch video, a new trend called “Dr. Shopping” is creating a problem for pharmacies. Health officials say it’s when prescription drug addicts who need a fix go from doctor to doctor, getting new prescriptions written each time. There are procedures in place to keep this from happening. But as Dana Hertneky with our Oklahoma City affiliate found out, few doctors are using it.

  • Diabetes and Cosmetics: A Connection?

    Hidden in perfumes, scented lotions, food packaging and even synthetic leathers are a type of chemical called phthalates.

  • Promising New Treatment for Blood Cancers

    Melbourne researchers may be on the verge of a medical holy grail. They’ve discovered a treatment which kills cancer cells in mice, and will begin clinical trials on human patients later this year.  Every year twelve thousand five hundred Australians are diagnosed with blood cancer. However, there’s hope now. “Chemo therapy generally works by damaging DNA within our cells and then the cells die. This treatment is quite different. It turns off protein production within cells,” explained Professor Grant McArthur […]

  • Texas Hospital Patient Receives Wrong Kidney

    (CNN)  – A transplant patient at Methodist Dallas Medical Center was mistakenly given a mismatched kidney last week, the hospital says. As result, Methodist confirms, it has voluntarily suspended its kidney and pancreas donation program. Through a series of checks and balances in its transplant procedures, the hospital says, the donated kidney was compatible with the unintended recipient and there were no complications. However, the fact that the kidney was given to the wrong person on the organ donation waiting […]

  • Some Suicide Attempts Linked to Litter Box

    (CNN) – Kitty litter boxes could be making women suicidal, according to a new study published Monday.  The report in the Archives of General Psychiatry says a parasite found in cat feces could be the problem.   Researchers studied 45-thousand women in Denmark over a three-year period.  Women infected with the parasite T-gondii had a one-and-a-half times higher risk of attempting suicide.   However that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of your kitty.  The study’s senior author says about one in three […]

  • Red Cross Warns of Heat-Related Illnesses

    Today, the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the American Red Cross is reminding the public that everyone is at risk for heat-related illness, not just the elderly. Everyone is at risk once temperatures rise above 90 degrees. Now that the dog days of summer are delivering hot temperatures and high humidity, precautions should be taken. Signs of heat stroke include red, dry skin; changes in consciousness; rapid, weak pulse and shallow breathing.  For a full list of precautions, visit the Red […]

  • Parents and Students Tour New Bentonville Schools

    Bentonville primary schools are feeling growing pains, but Wednesday parents and students got a look at the districts two newest schools set to open under one roof. Wednesday’s tour of the new Willowbrook Elementary School and Bright Field Middle school was a milestone in Bentonville education. “This is so exciting because this is the first time we got to let children into the building to see how they responded to seeing a brand new building that is going to be […]

  • More Children Hospitalized for High Blood Pressure, Study Shows

    (CBS) – A new study shows a dramatic increase in hospitalizations for children with high blood pressure. New research shows high blood pressure is landing more children in the hospital. The study in the journal Hypertension finds hospitalizations nearly doubled for kids under 18 between 1997 and 2006. Children most at risk were more than 9 years old, boys and African-American. “It can cause damage, irreversible damage to the heart, and kidneys and eyes set them up for cardiovascular disease […]

  • NWACC Adds New Dining Choices

    Students at Northwest Arkansas Community College will have new dining options when they head back to class this fall. From a brand new food court, to a New Orleans-style café, the additions were created with students in mind. Nola’s Café isn’t just a new option for customers; the restaurant also serves as a learning experience for those behind the counter. “Most of the people who are working for me here have not worked in the restaurant industry before. It’s a […]

  • Survey Finds Worst Jobs for Weight Gain

    (CNN) – Your weight is obviously tied to what you do, how you eat and how you exercise, but it may also be tied to what you do for a living. A new survey commissioned by CareerBuilder shows some occupations may actually contribute to weight gain. Among the most fattening careers are those of travel agents, judges, and teachers, even doctors. Police officers and firefighters appear to have a higher incidence of weight gain. CareerBuilder points out that all those […]

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