Megan joined the 5NEWS team and sales team as a Local Sales Coordinator and Sales Talent in August of 2016. She grew up in Evening Shade, AR and graduated from Arkansas State University, Wolves Up! She has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sociology.

During her time in college she had internships with both the Jonesboro Radio Group and with the Sun Belt Conference shooting sports features for ASU. Graddy worked at the local TV station, Region 8 News, as assistant producer where she formed unforgettable friends and learned valuable experience to help her excel in her future career path, leading her to 5NEWS.

Megan is the host of both Flavors and Adventure Arkansas so if you need to know anything about local food or adventures, she is your girl. She enjoys being involved with the community and helping local businesses flourish through her work.

The only thing Megan enjoys more than watermelon from her high school alma mater, Cave City, is spending time with her family and exploring her new home in NWA.

You can watch Megan on the weekend morning news and Monday at noon!

If you have a suggestion or segment idea for Megan, email her at or follow her facebook page for her latest segments.

Recent Articles
  • Adventure Arkansas: Butterflies at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

    This week for Adventure Arkansas we are butterfly watching! We drove the Adventure Subaru to the botanical garden of the Ozarks to check out their native butterfly house. We spoke with Kitty Sanders, a Butterfly Expert, to learn about their migration through Arkansas and how you can get more of these winged creatures in your backyard. “The monarchs migrate through here in April and lay the first generation of eggs and then those migrate north,” said Kitty Sanders, Butterfly Expert. […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Mid Summer Weight Loss Special – Phase 17

    “Hey, it’s Daren Bobb, I had a great birthday weekend we are at Metabolic Research Center and I didn’t gain a thing, I even got extra food added because now I’m on maintenance, I don’t know how that works, but I didn’t gain anything,” said Daren Bobb. “It works and if you guys are thinking about coming in this is a great time because we have a six-week special for $99 and it’s not going to last long so you […]

  • Deaths From Liver Cancer Rise In U.S. Adults

    More people in the u-s are dying from liver cancer. Liver cancer deaths rose 43% among U.S. adults between 2000 and 2016. A government report also reveals the death rate for men is as much as two-and-a-half times higher than women. Risk factors for liver cancer include hepatitis, heavy alcohol use and obesity.

  • New Research On The Benefits Of Aspirin

    You’ve probably heard the health benefits associated with taking an aspirin a day, but a new study is saying not so fast. It’s not that the previous study was wrong. Taking low dose aspirin for people between the ages of 50 and 69 can help prevent heart attacks, strokes and some types of cancer, but a new study said these benefits vary depending on the person’s weight. Researchers found almost all the health benefits of aspirin are only consistent for […]

  • Kutest Kidz Photo Contest 2018 – Bedford Camera & Video Reviews Contest, Tips For Winning

    For further details about the Kutest Kidz Photo Contest 2018, click here! Segment Sponsored By: Bedford Camera & Video

  • Innisfree Senior Living Community – Rogers

    Segment Sponsored by: Breeden

  • Flavors: Bruce Terri Drive In’s Award Winning Catering

    “My daddy built this restaurant and he named it after my brother and I, Bruce and I’m Terri so it became, Bruce Terri and that’s how it got started,” said Terri Peacock.  “We’ve been in business in this location for 48 years and we just keep growing.” We are back at Bruce Terri and this time we are talking about catering and its growth has no bounds. “We love doing that because you can go out and meet new people […]

  • Kutest Kidz Photo Contest 2018

    Enter for a chance to win a Canon Rebel T6 Camera Kit or one of our other great prizes!

  • Adventure Arkansas: Silver Dollar City, Part 2 – Time Traveler

    “Are you ready Glen,” asked Matt Standridge. “Oh yeah I’m ready,” said Glen Brace yourself because this week for Adventure Arkansas because we are going back in time on Silver Dollar City’s newest roller coaster. We drove our Adventure Subaru to Branson, Missouri to go behind the scenes and learn about how this ride was chosen and to check it out for ourselves. “Picking an attraction is a huge undertaking and there is a lot of work that goes into […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Maintaining Weight Loss For Good – Phase 16

    “Thirty pounds gone forever, never to come back,” said Daren Bobb. “It means now in my weight loss journey and yours as well once you reach your goal it’s time to go on maintenance, so you don’t gain that weight back, how easy is it to transition into maintenance.” “It’s easy we are going to start today and transition you it’s about a three-week period of making changes to your menu and then we give you a menu to follow […]

  • Wearing A Tie Cuts Off Circulation To Your Brain

    If you’re looking for a reason to ditch the tie this morning, then here you go. A new study says ties are cutting off the circulation to your brain. Researchers in Germany found ties squeeze the veins that send blood to the brain by about 7.5% Although you may not be aware of the small loss of circulation, it’s still a sizable percentage. A tight tie can also add pressure to your eyes, which could lead to an early onset […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Daren Met His Weight Loss Goal – Phase 15

    “I have met my goal, 30 pounds down I feel terrific and I feel healthy; it has been so easy to do this,” said Daren Bobb. “We are so proud of you, congratulations; when is the last time you were at this weight,” asked Sarah Harper. “I’ve been carrying this around for 15 years and I’m so thankful that it’s gone, so that must mean I’m done, right,” asked Bobb. “No, you’re not done, we are going to transition you […]