Megan joined the 5NEWS team and sales team as a Local Sales Coordinator and Sales Talent in August of 2016. She grew up in Evening Shade, AR and graduated from Arkansas State University, Wolves Up! She has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sociology.

During her time in college she had internships with both the Jonesboro Radio Group and with the Sun Belt Conference shooting sports features for ASU. Graddy worked at the local TV station, Region 8 News, as assistant producer where she formed unforgettable friends and learned valuable experience to help her excel in her future career path, leading her to 5NEWS.

Megan is the host of both Flavors and Adventure Arkansas so if you need to know anything about local food or adventures, she is your girl. She enjoys being involved with the community and helping local businesses flourish through her work.

The only thing Megan enjoys more than watermelon from her high school alma mater, Cave City, is spending time with her family and exploring her new home in NWA.

You can watch Megan on the weekend morning news and Monday at noon!

If you have a suggestion or segment idea for Megan, email her at or follow her facebook page for her latest segments.

Recent Articles
  • Adventure Arkansas: Camper Cabins Devil’s Den

    This week we’re looking at the latest in camping rentals on Adventure Arkansas Cabin Edition. Tucked into the beautiful Devil’s Den State Park, recently-built camper cabins are offering a new way for visitors to stay the night. “The newest thing we have at Devil’s Den is the Camper Cabin which is behind me,” said Monte Fuller, Park Superintendent. “These are small, I like to describe them as wooden tents; they’re about a 12X16 structure with heat and air, lights, ceiling fan, […]

  • Adventure Arkansas: Meeting Baby Bear Cub In The Ozark National Forest

    This week for Adventure Arkansas, we’re holding wild baby bear cubs. In the late winter, baby bear cubs across our state are nursing and getting stronger every day. This week we’re hopping into our Adventure Subaru and teaming up with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to check up on a cub and his momma in a den deep in the Ozark National Forest. “When she hears us coming up there, she will wake up if you rustle the leaves […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Eating Good Food & Dropping The Pounds

    “Hey, it’s Daren Bobb we are at Metabolic Research Center, I’m on maintenance we have been adding new foods to my diet I haven’t gained anything and it’s fantastic,” said Daren Bobb. “We have optional classes that you can attend, we just had a fiesta cooking class we had a lot of fun and our clients were able to sample different recipes and they were able to go home for a lot of variety of things they can make,” said […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Mid Summer Weight Loss Special

    “Hey, it’s Daren Bobb, I had a great birthday weekend we are at Metabolic Research Center and I didn’t gain a thing, I even got extra food added because now I’m on maintenance, I don’t know how that works, but I didn’t gain anything,” said Daren Bobb. “It works and if you guys are thinking about coming in this is a great time because we have a six-week special for $99 and it’s not going to last long so you […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Maintaining Weight Loss For Good

    “Thirty pounds gone forever, never to come back,” said Daren Bobb. “It means now in my weight loss journey and yours as well once you reach your goal it’s time to go on maintenance, so you don’t gain that weight back, how easy is it to transition into maintenance.” “It’s easy we are going to start today and transition you it’s about a three-week period of making changes to your menu and then we give you a menu to follow […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Daren Met His Weight Loss Goal

    “I have met my goal, 30 pounds down I feel terrific and I feel healthy; it has been so easy to do this,” said Daren Bobb. “We are so proud of you, congratulations; when is the last time you were at this weight,” asked Sarah Harper. “I’ve been carrying this around for 15 years and I’m so thankful that it’s gone, so that must mean I’m done, right,” asked Bobb. “No, you’re not done, we are going to transition you […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Daren Bobb’s Recap Of Progress

    Hey guys it’s Daren Bobb I want to talk to you about my weight loss journey and it’s been a good one, we are getting very close to our goal. I’m down 28 ½ pounds with a goal of losing 30 pounds and I’m so close, I’m right there! It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done ever to lose weight and the staff at Metabolic Research Center has been outstanding and they call it the three Ms, Menus, Mindset, and […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Eating Healthy With MRC

    “Hey, it Daren Bobb we are at Metabolic Research Center with my best friend Sarah and you caught me eating this what has to be incredibly unhealthy breakfast cheesecake pudding dessert, there is no way this is healthy,” said Daren Bobb. “It’s healthy, so I’m glad you like it, I can tell you that it is healthy and it’s one of the recipes we give to our clients and can you believe that’s cottage cheese instead of cream cheese,” said […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Staying Focused On Your Goals

    “Hey everyone Daren Bobb at Metabolic Research Center, when I first started doing this a number of weeks ago, I had two angles to get in better health obviously and two to get in shape for my daughter’s wedding in September so far I’ve got five pounds to go, it has been the easiest thing in the world to do and it’s been so easy with your help,” said Daren Bobb. “Thank you and would you be at this weight […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Summer Slim Down Challenge

    “Hey, it’s Daren Bobb we are at the Metabolic Research Center and I’m down another three more pounds despite my Memorial Day weekend, so I’ve got six more to go until I reach my goal,” said Daren Bobb. “Can you believe it,” said Sarah Harper with Metabolic Research Center. “Just in time for summer, we are talking about a summer slim down challenge this sounds difficult, but I know it’s not at all,” said Bobb. “It’s not difficult at all […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Daren Down 20 Pounds

    “Hey guys, Daren Bobb here at Metabolic Research Center and guess what, after eight weeks I’m down 20 pounds, that’s 2/3s of the overall goal, but I’m finally at that 20-pound level,” said Daren Bobb. “That’s about normal, you have been averaging two pounds a week that’s very normal, we see anywhere from two, three, four, five pounds a week, but you are really making lifestyle changes,” said Sarah Harper. “Yes exactly, I have more energy and my suits fit […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Get Ready For Summer With Metabolic

    “Hey guy’s Daren Bobb here at Metabolic Research Center with Sarah and I’m down 17 pounds and just three pounds away from being two thirds to my goal, it’s right there,” said Daren Bobb. “You’ve got this you are so close,” said Sarah Harper. “Summer is coming up and a lot of folks want to lose weight before summer, is it to late for them,” asked Bobb. “Definitely not, it’s not to late at all,” said Harper. “May is a […]

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