Megan joined the 5NEWS team and sales team as a Local Sales Coordinator and Sales Talent in August of 2016. She grew up in Evening Shade, AR and graduated from Arkansas State University, Wolves Up! She has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sociology.

During her time in college she had internships with both the Jonesboro Radio Group and with the Sun Belt Conference shooting sports features for ASU. Graddy worked at the local TV station, Region 8 News, as assistant producer where she formed unforgettable friends and learned valuable experience to help her excel in her future career path, leading her to 5NEWS.

Megan is the host of both Flavors and Adventure Arkansas so if you need to know anything about local food or adventures, she is your girl. She enjoys being involved with the community and helping local businesses flourish through her work.

The only thing Megan enjoys more than watermelon from her high school alma mater, Cave City, is spending time with her family and exploring her new home in NWA.

You can watch Megan on the weekend morning news and Monday at noon!

If you have a suggestion or segment idea for Megan, email her at or follow her facebook page for her latest segments.

Recent Articles
  • Metabolic Research Center – Overcoming A Plateau & Open House Week

    “Hey y’all is Daren Bobb here we are at Metabolic Research with my best friend Sarah helping me through my weight loss program, but I’ve hit a plateau, it’s frustration and I know you hear that all the time,” said Daren Bobb. “Yes I hear it all the time, it’s very common so looking at your body composition we did, it’s showing that you are up a little bit in water and that’s going to show on the scale,” said […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Daren Bobb Down 15 Pounds

    “Hey guys is Daren Bobb we are at Metabolic Research Center with my best friend Sarah, she has helped me get halfway to my goal of 30lbs I am down 15lbs in just three and a half weeks,” said Daren Bobb. “My clothes fit better, my energy level is better, actually my belt is on the last notch which I have never been too. Now that I can see my goal now that I see the finish line, how do […]

  • Metabolic Research Center – Healthy Eating Through The Holidays

    “This last weekend was Easter weekend, I was a little bit nervous because I’m from a huge family and 80% of what was brought to the table was not healthy. I focused on the 20% that was healthy, it’s a challenge how to you get past these challenges,” said Daren Bobb. “It is a challenge you go to these events, parties, and family events and all of this food but the good thing is that you get a lot of […]

  • The Jones Center Summer Skating Camp – Springdale

    Segment Sponsored by: Breeden

  • Flavors – Harvest Moon Artisan Bakery

    Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors today we are at Harvest Moon a local artisan bakery in Fort Smith and we have heard all about their amazing products and we can’t wait to try them out. “Our family is Italian and so we have always had food around with every event there is constantly a feast,” said Sarah Mastropaolo, Co-Owner of Harvest Moon Artisan Bakery. “It’s really nice to work with your family and our employees kind […]

  • Adventure Arkansas: Team Building At People Inc

    We had fun on Adventure Arkansas this week. We took the Adventure Subaru on the road to the People Inc in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. We joined up with the Van Buren High School tennis team to take on a high ropes course and team bonding exercises. “It was pretty challenging, but I think it bonded us a little bit, and we also did a trust fall which makes you trust your team a little bit more than you normally would,” said […]

  • Adventure Arkansas – Restoring Rivers, Mulberry River

    Winding deep in the mountains of Arkansas, the Mulberry River is a scenic destination for many outdoor activities. Its waters flow roughly 55 miles southwest until it joins with the Arkansas river. Especially during the spring, it is one of Arkansas’ wildest rivers. With its exhilarating rapids and constant turns, it’s been given a class 2 and 3 ratings. In the past two years, some sections of the river were starting to lose a lot of sediment, much faster than […]

  • The Jones Center – Summer Skating Camp – Springdale

    Segment Sponsored by: Breeden

  • Flavors: Fort Smith Farmer’s Market

    Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors today we are enjoying the fresher and more local side of Fort Smith Farmer’s Market. Joe Carr, marketing manager, helped establish the Fort Smith Farmer’s Market in April of 2003 because he saw a need in his community. “I always felt that what a farmers market should be not stuff that has been shipped in from Mexico or California, but fresh local grown produce,” said Carr. And he said the market […]

  • Adventure Arkansas: Butterflies at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

    This week for Adventure Arkansas we are butterfly watching! We drove the Adventure Subaru to the botanical garden of the Ozarks to check out their native butterfly house. We spoke with Kitty Sanders, a Butterfly Expert, to learn about their migration through Arkansas and how you can get more of these winged creatures in your backyard. “The monarchs migrate through here in April and lay the first generation of eggs and then those migrate north,” said Kitty Sanders, Butterfly Expert. […]

  • Kutest Kidz Photo Contest 2018 – Bedford Camera & Video Reviews Contest, Tips For Winning

    For further details about the Kutest Kidz Photo Contest 2018, click here! Segment Sponsored By: Bedford Camera & Video

  • Innisfree Senior Living Community – Rogers

    Segment Sponsored by: Breeden

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