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  • You Can Get Married Or Renew Your Vows At Whataburger

    TEXAS, USA — If someone told you that you could get married at Whataburger, would you do it? Well, if you answered yes, keep reading. The orange-and-white chain is allowing couples to tie the knot or renew their vows on Valentine’s Day at a Whataburger restaurant in six cities across the Lone Star State. The cities include: San Antonio College Station Corpus Christi Houston Grand Prairie Fort Worth The company says all costs will be covered, excluding travel. So what’s […]

  • Children’s Makeup Kit Is Full Of Asbestos, Test Reveals

    WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Any parent will tell you children love playing dress-up. And, sneaking into mommy’s makeup drawer is usually part of the fun. That’s why companies sell toy makeup kits for kids. But, a nonprofit environmental watchdog reports one particular kit is packed with potential danger. The Environmental Working Group says tests of IQ Toys Princess Girl’s All-in-One Deluxe Makeup Palette revealed high levels of asbestos. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the microscopic fibers can be inhaled and cause […]

  • Medical Marijuana Farm Lights Create Purple Hazy Sky Over Snowflake, AZ

    SNOWFLAKE, Ariz. — A local woman captured a beautiful — almost unearthly — sight on a foggy morning last Friday in Snowflake. Cara Smith took to Facebook to share the phenomenon she snapped — a bright purple sky emanating from afar. The impressive scene is speculated to have been caused by “LED grow lights from the nearby medical marijuana farm Copperstate Farms and snow clouds overhead,” according to the Navajo County Facebook page. Author: Alexa Block, TEGNA

  • Trump To Announce ‘Guidance’ On Prayer In Schools Thursday

    President Donald Trump on Thursday is expected to announce new guidelines in regard to prayer in schools. It’s not clear what that might be, but it is seen as a sign of the president trying to solidify support from evangelicals. The Washington Post reports that the president’s official schedule for Thursday includes “THE PRESIDENT announces guidance on constitutional prayer in public schools.” The remarks come after last month’s editorial in Christianity Today that called for Trump to be impeached and removed […]

  • ‘Best Rainfall In Years’ | Rain Drenches Parts Of Australia, Helps Contain Fires And Brings Drought Relief

    Multiple regions across Australia reported Thursday they had received more than a month’s rainfall in just 24 hours, according to 9 News Australia. “Relief is here for a number of firefighters working across NSW. Although this rain won’t extinguish all fires, it will certainly go a long way towards containment,” tweeted Australia’s NSW Rural Fire Service. The rain comes after one of the driest Decembers on record. “…more than ten communities across all three states have received their best rainfall in years,” […]

  • Student Expelled From Private School After Photo With Rainbow Shirt And Cake, Mom Says

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A student at Whitefield Academy, a private Christian school in Louisville, was expelled after posting a photo on social media that featured her in a rainbow shirt with a rainbow birthday cake. Kayla Kenney’s mother, Kimberly Alford, sent WHAS11 an email from Whitefield Head of School Bruce Jacobson that said Kayla Kenney was dismissed after the administration was made aware of a photo that showed a “continued breach” in the school’s code of conduct. Jacobson attached the photo of […]

  • TSA Officers Are Finding More Guns Than Ever Before

    A new report from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says their officers found more firearms at checkpoints last year than ever before. The TSA says 4,432 firearms were located in carry-on bags or on passengers at checkpoints across the country in 2019. That’s about 12.1 firearms per day. The numbers from 2019 are up 5% from 2018, and represent the highest number in the TSA’s 18-year history. Of those 4,432 guns, the TSA says 3,863 were loaded, and 1,507 had […]

  • Tennessee Considering Bill That Would Ban Animal Abusers From Owning Pets

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Legislature is considering a bill that would prevent convicted animal abusers from owning a pet. Rep. Darren Jernigan (D-Davidson County) filed House Bill 1643 for introduction on Tuesday. The bill would amend Tennessee laws to prevent anyone convicted of animal cruelty, abuse or other offenses against animals from owning a companion animal for at least two years after their conviction. Tennessee lawmakers have remained focused on curbing animal abuse in the state. In 2016, Tennessee became the […]

  • Spotify Will Create A Personalized Playlist For Your Pet

    WASHINGTON — Let’s face it … pets are better than humans. So why not enjoy life’s simple pleasures with them — including music? If you’ve ever wondered what your pet’s soundtrack would be, now you can. Spotify has created an algorithm that perfectly curates a playlist for you and your pet to listen to together. Spotify conducted a study on how pet owners use music with their pets. They surveyed 5,000 music-streaming pet owners from the U.S., the United Kingdom, Australia, […]

  • Valentines For A Veteran: 104-Year-Old Marine Collecting Cards

    STOCKTON, Calif. — A Valentine’s card can make someone’s day — maybe a whole bunch of them could become part of someone’s life. That’s what they’ll be for retired Maj. Bill White. At 104-years-old, the man believed to be the oldest living Marine hopes people send him cards this Valentine’s Day. White served in World War II and among the heroes of the Battle of Iwo Jima. He told KTXL-TV he’s spent his recent years trying to stay active and scrapbooking, keeping […]

  • ‘I Want Them To Be Held Accountable’: Video Shows 5-Year-Old Being Attacked On Dallas School Bus

    DALLAS — Audrey, a mother in Dallas, would never have known something had happened on her daughter’s school bus if she hadn’t pressed for answers. WFAA is protecting the identities of the Andrey and her daughter to prevent any retaliation or ridicule. Audrey tells WFAA that she reached out to the Dallas Independent School District after her daughter complained of students hurting her on the bus ride home. In a bus surveillance video, the mother obtained from the district, and […]

  • VERIFY: Fact-Checking The 7th Democratic Presidential Debate

    Six Democrats seeking the party’s nomination faced off in Iowa on Tuesday night as part of the last debate before primary voting gets underway. It was the seventh presidential primary debate for Democrats and the smallest debate stage so far as each of them tries to make the case for why they should be the one to face off against President Donald Trump in November. Our VERIFY researchers fact-checked what all the candidates had to say during the first debate […]

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