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Mark LaCrue – Director of Sales
(479) 783-3131

Why Television?

James Prestwood – Local Sales Manager

Adults say that television is the top advertising medium that influences purchase decisions

  • Television: 36.5%
  • Newspapers: 13.8%
  • E-mail: 7.4%
  • Social media: 6.1%
  • Magazines: 5.7%

Adults spend more time with television each day than they do any other medium

  • Television: 249 minutes
  • Radio: 112 minutes
  • Smartphone: 103 minutes
  • Computer: 57 minutes
  • Tablet: 32 minutes

Television reaches more adults each day than any other medium

  • Television: 75.7%
  • E-mail: 62.5%
  • Radio: 54.1%
  • Smartphone: 49.5%
  • Social Media: 45.7%

*Sources: TVB Mentor Survey Winter 2016, NSI Impact Survey Q2  2016


Digital Advertising:

Sarah Philpott – Digital Sales Manager

In addition to our immense television distribution capabilities we are a full service digital agency. In an ever increasing competitive advertising space, marketing digitally has become imperative. Digital distribution of your brand gives customers the opportunity to engage with your brand and TAKE ACTION!

Our Services:


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