Storm Cleanup Provides Business Opportunity For Local Companies

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ROGERS (KFSM) ~ Strong storms blew down trees and power lines, causing power outages and blocking roadways throughout Northwest Arkansas.


However, as soon as the storms moved out of the area, city and county road workers were out removing debris from local streets.


“We got a tree down. We just want to see if we can get it clear, and see how bad the playground was damaged” said Kevin Crowe, Director of Operations at the Boys and Girls Club in Rogers. “It’s just a lot of brush.”



Following the storm, uprooted trees, and tree branches, could be found littering the streets and lawns of many.



The Boys and Girls Club of Rogers was just one of the many places hit hard. They say they made sure to protect the safety of the kids first.


“As soon as any weather came in, the kids were inside,” Crowe said.


With everyone safe, club employees joined the rest of the city in cleaning up.


Although picking up damaged trees may not be fun for many, others rely on it as a source of income.


“We’ve been pretty busy” said Dallas Cox, a local landscaping business owner.


Cox’s company used this storm as a chance to make money for their business.


“It’s kind of an opportunistic journey. You go out, and you find it, and you do the job. And, you get it done, you get paid,” Cox said.  “It is unfortunate that it happens, but it is a part of business.”


Cox says that often tree limbs are so large that homeowners need professional help moving them.


“Sometimes the tree damage is so bad, they’ll have us cut it down all the way,” Cox said.


As for those who do landscaping for a living, they say the broken branches ultimately are recycled.


“We usually take it to a compost facility and have it mulched up so that no part is wasted,” Cox said.