Documents: Oklahoma Trooper Attempted To Flee During Arrest

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The Oklahoma State trooper accused of drunkenly wrecking a patrol vehicle into a boat July 3 attempted to flee and threatened to kill himself during his arrest, according to court documents released Thursday (July 10).

Officers arrived at the site of the incident and found the drunken officer Joshua Davies, along with a wrecked patrol sport utility vehicle and a patrol boat, court documents state.

Davies originally told officers that he only had something to drink after the incident, but he later changed his story and said he started drinking the night before, according to court documents.

When officers confronted Davies about whether or not he was drunk, he said he would “kill himself before he would be arrested for DUI and sit in the county jail,” court documents state.

Another trooper disassembled Davies’ duty weapon and secured it away from Davies, according to court documents.

At one point during the arrest, Davies started to run away, but police took him to the ground and place him in handcuffs, the court documents state.

He was taken away to be tested for his blood alcohol content. During the testing, the court documents state Davies had a “wide range of mood and attitude changes.” He became very sad and started crying and apologizing to everyone. Then, he became “arrogant” and made statements that he would beat the DUI charge and that being drunk wasn’t the cause of the crash, the court documents state.

His blood-alcohol level was at 0.26 percent at the time of the arrest, according to court documents.


    • FedUp

      Typical statement by Sarah the judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. Address the cause of the officer’s drinking problem before sending him to the gallows. Have a heart, Sarah.

      • Sarah 300

        Do NOT judge my heart especially after your rants and derogatory comments. If you think you are funny, no one is laughing except maybe you in your mother’s basement.
        Throw the book at the officer. Officers are sworn to protect and serve. This particular officer was doing neither.

    • bob

      You’re right, he does need help. Being an alcoholic is a real disease. Police officers are human just the same as you and I.

    • BreeOge

      I can tell you that as a police officer the last thing you want is to go to jail. Not because you’re in jail, that in itself is bad enough. The problem is you cannot be placed in general population due to the fact you were a police officer and that you would probably be beat up or even worse killed by the other people you arrested at some point. So you have to spend your time in solitary with nobody to talk to or anything.

      I do not condone is actions and he does need to be punished for the DUI, but at the same time I see his point. However if this is his 1st DUI then he will probably be fired and will have the same punishment as anyone else with a DUI.

    • donjr72704

      I bet he wasnt thinking about that when he sent no telling how many people there when he was on duty (was he on duty and drunk when it happened??) Karmas a funny thing at times huh he deserves what he gets

  • Hondo

    ONe would wonder being drunk and all if he took the boat out on a lake somewhere for unofficial business? What is the boat name…Monkey Business?

  • Michael h

    If he wouldn’t have trashed the utility vehicle the other cops would have dropped him off at Denny’s, if he’s convicted and incarcerated he will do his time on the punk squad like the other said, he should have undergo to same painful penalties just as anyone else

    • bob

      The last time I checked, a person spends one night in jail to sober up and pays some fines and may or may not lose their license depending on whether or not they get a lawyer, for a first offense DUI. This man is going to lose a career and possibly face jail time for his DUI. He is an officer of the law and is held to a higher standard and faces much harsher punishment than the average person. Not to mention all the negative comments from uneducated people on every social media website possible. He is in no way receiving special treatment.

  • Michael h

    Alcoholism is not a disease it’s a choice,if he wants to get hammered it should have been on his own time.As far as being held to a higher standard that’s certainly a topic for debate.This officer was aware his actions were criminal,it’s unfortunate it happens and that he will most likely suffer a setback in his career,at the end of the day and the bottem line,he is responsible for where he is in life.I personally don’t think you should lose everything you have worked for after an incident like this, but I don’t make the rules

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