Rogers Police Department Decides Not To Press Charges In McDonalds Theft Case

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ROGERS (KFSM) – The Rogers Police Department has decided ultimately not to pursue charges in a McDonalds theft case they asked for the public’s help with on July 24, according to a post on their Facebook page.

After asking the public to identify the suspect in the theft case on their Facebook page, the suspect called police and was able to give them her side of the story, the post states.

After processing her information, the detective working the case decided there was no criminal intent and decided not to pursue any charges. Instead, the matter will be settled between the woman and McDonalds, according to the post.

The Rogers Police Department credited social media with the swift end to the case.


  • barbed_wire83

    That’s just wrong AHZZ.

    On a different note, I’m glad things were able to be resolved without (much) police involvement. It just goes to show that when you turn yourself in, and tell your side of the story, you might very well have been in the right.

  • my2cents

    It would have been nice CH-5 if you told briefly what happened again? I’m lost ,what did she do again??

  • Dave

    The suspect ordered $18 worth of food and then paid for the merchandise with a $100 bill, according to the post.

    The cashier gave the suspect $82 in change without actually collecting the $100 bill, and then the suspect left with the food, the $100 bill and the extra $82, the post states.
    My opinion, arrest the cashier…

  • Mark Smith

    I think this woman has a case against the City, McDonald’s and Channel 5 news for defamation of Character! Sue lady, sue so that we get more responsible policing, reporting (Oh God, if only!) and better customer service out of the area’s McDonalds. Just my opinion.

  • John

    Decided not to go after someone who did not have criminal intent? A glimmer of reason? Surprising- not”tough” on crime, but smart.

  • Fae Cain

    The police handled this well. And the woman called to straighten things out so I don’t think she meant any deceit. And the news only reported the story WITH THE FACTS KNOWN THEN. The only person I see at fault here was the cashier who didn’t do his/her job.

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