Former Cedarville Treasurer Pleads Guilty, Gets 20 Years Probation

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CEDARVILLE (KFSM) - The former Cedarville treasurer pleaded guilty on Wednesday (March 18) and was sentenced to 20 years probation, officials say.

Alicson Reding, 37, pleaded guilty to felony theft of property and was given 20 years probation, according to a court official. Reding was also ordered to pay $324,634 restitution, the Crawford County Circuit Clerk's office said.

She was arrested in Aug. 2014 after beingĀ investigated by Arkansas State Police in an embezzlement case involving money that went missing from the city of Cedarville while she was the recorder-treasurer in April 2014. She resigned after the investigation was started.



  • Michael

    This is unbelievable!!! Can she pay that money back? No!!! If she could she wouldn’t have stole it in the first place. We give people jail time for shop lifting at Wal-Mart…and she gets probation. Who did she know to get this kind of sentence???

    • Becky

      Believe me, it was not the choice of the citizens of Cedarville, we were not given a choice. From my understanding, it was up to the Special Prosecutor. I don’t think many are shocked that she got a slap on the wrist.

  • Fed Up

    Wait. What? She will never repay over a quarter of a million dollars in restitution. And, for this she gets probation? This is wrong no matter how one looks at it.

  • Sean

    Look up who the judge was and your surprise will soften.

    Our judicial system is corrupt in western Arkansas. Corrupt to its rotten core.

  • Are you kidding

    How could the judicial system fail the citizens of Cedarville in this manner?? It is a insult and direct slap in the face to think her sentencing is even acceptable for her crime. She will now be free to walk the same streets and shop with the very people she violated. She will never pay back the money she owes with honest wages for she has no ideal what that is. I would love to hear how she explained such atrocity to her children. Just for the record to her husband that had no ideal how is clerical wife was stretching every dollar you sir are just as guilty. You enjoyed the fruits of her illegal labor.

    • we'vehadit

      There is only one way to change things…VOTE!! The county prosecutor stepped down and appointed one, the original judge recused himself as his son his her attorney. This case should not have been heard by anyone this side of Little Rock. The prosecutor had input and all the county judges are momma’s friends. VOTE VOTE them all out of office!!!!! when a kid who burglarizes the same place twice for under $10,000 gets caught and 95% of items returned gets an 8 year sentence and has to serve 2 yet a THIEF who has the citizens’ TRUST can STEAL almost 400,000 over 7 years walks free the entire corrupt county legal system needs to be replaced!!! She was bragging around town last year she would never do a day in jail. Those who support her…you’re Stupid. Those who think she made a “mistake” you are stupid This was a premeditated CRIME. Those who think she shouldn’t have gone to jail because she has kids….she DID NOT care about risking them. Those who think her husband knew nothing…you are Stupid and those who believe her mother ( the listed Treasurer of all her “companies”) knew nothing you are Stupid!! Next election, Vote out all the back room deal making look the other way judges and prosecutors!

      • Are you kidding

        Very well said …… The fact that any person could find a right to her wrong is beyond help. She is the worst of criminals because she took from people who struggle to live week to week. I don’t care how nice she is or how wonderful her family is. Some of the worst criminals also had a friendly face and family. I doubt she will get a warm fuzzy feeling from most folks that live in Cedarville. Just wondering where they relocated to after the fire. I would move to another country and change my name if I had taken these people as she has…

    • GrammarNazi

      Do you even know what ideal means? Or, are you just wanting to be a repugnant shitwagon and try to insult people? Ignorance isn’t an excuse. If you want to insult someone try not making yourself look stupid. And, above all else do you even know her? How do you that she just didn’t mess up in lack of judgment. And going by your logic if a kid gets caught with weed they should be locked up for 20 years? Do you think it is better for everyone for a mother to be ripped away from her kids vs. Her paying it back and trying to make it right?

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Who would offer her employment? She is a known thief. Where will she earn enough money to make restitution? Not likely, this will never be paid. How many convicted felons are there out there who have stolen far less and received prison time for their crime? Remember some of these things when you go to the poles to vote for prosecuting attorney..She is not at fault for not going to jail; she just betrayed the trust of her office and is a common thief. The judicial system in Crawford County is responsible for not sending her to prison.

    • we'vehadit

      Until the FBI and IRS are involved these worthless prosecutors and judges here won’t bother with it..too much actual work.

      • Upset

        Why not 20 years in jail? Can only hope the Federal checks she cashed come with a fair trial, this one was a joke. I am dumbfounded that anyone could take funds from their kids school/City and still roam the halls and attend school functions like all is well. Outraged that this is the outcome, and how was so much paid back already? Arson?

      • Kurt

        Thanks ceaderville for buying her a catfish business. I’m sure she’s thankful for all your hard work. Go by sometime and say thanks.

      • Chris

        Does anyone trust the IRS ?
        Lucky C&C Catfish wasn’t a tea party group asking for a tax exemption, cuz if they were, if there was anything illegal they would have been shut down a long time ago.

  • PeaceLily

    In order to pay back that amount of money, Ms. Reding would need to pay a minimum of $16000 PER YEAR over the course of more than 20 years. I guess its a good thing that she is free to get a job and pay the restitution, but seriously…. will the full amount ever be repaid? Highly unlikely. Is Ms. Reding currently employed with an income level so great that she can afford to pay more in restitution per year than most Arkansans make in a year? Again, highly unlikely. Aside from some public humiliation in a small town where she is still very much connected to people in powerful positions I see no real punishment for this crime. She stole from the entire county and every citizen in it and she has been slapped on the wrist and that is a slap across the face to the citizens of Crawford County.

  • disgusted

    Let”s see-cedarville had a mayor convicted of embezzlement, got house arrest, BUT the city hired him anyway to grade roads; his daughter embezzled money from company in van buren and was charged, HER husband is on the city council of cedarville, now this treasurer stole $300 plus thousand dollars because she was broke, but repays $245,000. Where’d it come from? Probably mama, who is also the crawford county treasurer. How’d she get such a great deal? Again, probably mama, who works on all kinds of things with people in the courthouse. Also, a sympathetic mayor probably helped. Good ol’ boy tradition still alive in crawford county, and it’s home is Cedarville.

    • Just wondering

      Fact check “disgusted”…..
      The previous mayor was court ordered by his judge to work off his sentence at the city by the judge. His daughter is NOT the one who’s husband is on the council. And you have an opinion of the mayor that is just that. Ask around ever see her buddying with the mayor. No just your prosecuting attorney (andkids her age).

    • Just wondering

      The new council is the essence of the good old boy system – only helping themselves and their buddies, many of whom don’t live in the city. (Work with and cinteracts will be going to, just watch). Huge conflicts of interest. Watch out Cedarville! BTW Have you tried to contact your council members in Cedarville? Only one will give out his number so you can reach him. The others only share with their buddies bc they belong to that good ole boy system. They dismiss everyone else. They are not “important” like them and their GOBs.

  • Crooks_From_Cedarville

    She’s buddy’s with the prosecuting attorney. This is pretty amazing.. I don’t care who you are and who you know.
    Cedarville is the next Roland now. Bunch of crooks running it.

  • Chris

    Wow, wow, wow. I live in Cedarville, and the wages of the families here average out so low our kids didn’t have to pay for school lunches, so I wonder why doesn’t she pay it back plus interest like we would if we went to the bank for a loan, or put it on a card. Let’s see, broke town, steal our money, help support your lifestyle, and businesses. And not serve one week in jail?
    Ok, stay out of jail which costs us MORE money, and make sure your businesses serve our community, pay OUR money back, who cares who you may know, sorry about your house as long as it is not a insurance scam, and try to impress the locals for the good. Good luck with that.

  • hmmmm....

    How about this? How did she come up with the 245,000 to pay back so quickly? Well, she burned her house down falsely reported to the public that she had no insurance when in fact she did….then collected the insurance 245,000 and paid it toward the money she stole…so when she is convicted of insurance fraud that will be her first violation of probation…Arson is a felony along with insurance fraud!

  • Just wondering

    This little town thrives on its criminals. Oh ya. Guess everyone is perfectly fine with the guy with the only restraunt in town. He’s back from prison after STEALING 5,921 email account passwords and personal info in a hacking gang. And he got only one charge to. SMH. I bet those who were stolen from are thrilled to know he’s out early for good behavior. And he profited $350,000 from his CRIME and only paid $10,000 in his payback. That’s pretty good money made illegally to come back home to. But know one wants to recognize this crime in that little town. CRIME runs rampant there.

    • Chris

      We need a list of businesses to not support with this type of info, I don’t work my butt off to support corruption.
      Judge Cottrell did the best he could with what he had.

      • Just wondering

        The restraunt owned by Mark Anthony Townsend is Kokopeli’s. Personally I don’t want to pay his $10,000 back for him either. And yes Alicson and Bryan are part owners in C and C Catfish. And if you support the Diatrice 4 Fire Department ( hiding in the wings behind the newly elected council members shirt tails). They are operated by “theives and thugs”. Many on the department including Mr Townsend have VERY checkered or sripped pasts. Even their Fire Chief are criminals. Be careful with having them fight your fires or respond to your medical emergencies. Be prepared to be scoped out! Jmo

  • C'ville ex-pat

    it is hard to believe justice was served here, but… she’s already paid (or someone on her behalf paid) $245,000 of the money, and she’s now a convicted felon, and she’s not dangerous; it’s probably a good thing her family has businesses, because getting a job would be next to impossible. At this point, she’s been drug through the mud and made an object of disdain, what else do you want? We cry all the time about prison overcrowding, and yet putting this person in prison is imperative? How about leaving the jails for the violent criminals and letting this one put her life back together, such as it will be.

    • Are you kidding

      Did you really ask the citizens of Cedarville to let her get her life back together. !! She is no doubt sorry because she got caught. I wonder if you would feel the same if your checking or savings account would have been drained by this mistreated woman. Prisons are full so what about house arrest or trash detail for the next 20 years. I hope that citizens of Cedarville will never darken the door of any buisness that she or her family are ever involved with. She is nothing but a common thief and a embarrassment the this community and should be to her family. If you so feel a need to help her out I am sure she is looking for a fool to give her the balance still due. We can only hope she will move hundreds of miles from this town. Really hope her husband makes big bucks to support her spending habits.

      • Chris

        The sarcastic comment of hoping her husband makes big bucks?
        Just a question only, I absolutely do not know the answer, does her and her husband own in any big way , part or all of C & C catfish, or where he thought his wife came up with any funds for purchase of such? I know and most other people know what is in our accounts, unless he thought she was lucky at the casino or what?
        Someone who knows please comment, catfish hole is where I am going now on.

    • Crooks_From_Cedarville

      C’VILLE EX-PAT.. are you serious? She stole 1/3 of a million dollars. You must be one of her minions.

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