Democratic Party Of Arkansas Calls For Resignation Of Senator Jake Files

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — The Democratic Party of Arkansas has called for the immediate resignation of Arkansas State Senator Jake Files on Thursday (Aug. 24).

Files is being investigated by the F.B.I. for possible wire fraud and money laundering, according to a warrant affidavit.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas released the following statement:

“It is time for the Republican Party of Arkansas to stop playing this disingenuous game
with the voters of Arkansas. Behind the scenes, they have intentionally tried to sweep
this scandal under the rug by seeking promises from Senator Files that he won’t seek reelection
and have been scrambling to find a candidate to replace him in 2018. That dog
won’t hunt.

Any elected official willing to engage in this level of corruption and fraud should not be
allowed to remain in office one day longer. It is not enough to simply say you may or
may not seek re-election. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this elected
official committed wire fraud. His malfeasance cost the taxpayers of Fort Smith over a
million dollars and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported today that he pocketed over
$25,000 in taxpayer General Improvement Funds. The Republican Party of Arkansas
may be willing to accept this behavior but the people of Arkansas should not and will not
accept it.”

The Republic Party of Arkansas responded to the statement saying Senator Files is innocent until proven guilty.

“Senator Files is like any other citizen in the United States. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty,” chairman Doyle Webb said. “At this time no charges have been filed against him although there is a reported ongoing investigation by the FBI, which has declined comment. If Senator Jake Files is charged and found guilty of a crime he should be punished in the manner authorized by law.”

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