Man Caught On Camera Stealing From A Cave Springs Construction Site

CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) -- A construction site thief behind bars is now linked to even more thefts in the area.

Thanks to surveillance video, Cave Springs police were able to link the suspect to construction site thefts in the Otter Creek subdivision.

In the video, William Hoag can be seen stealing wood flooring from inside a home under construction. Hoag was arrested by Fayetteville Police last week in connection with construction site thefts across Washington County. 

“They got a search warrant, conducted a search of I believe Mr. Hoag's residence in Springdale and found quite a bit of stolen property. They were able to connect it to multiple crimes throughout the Northwest Arkansas area,” Sgt. Byron Johncox said.

Jason Cook is the vice president of operations at Buffington Homes. He said every one of their subdivisions across Northwest Arkansas has had something taken from sites at some point.

That's why they put up a camera in their Otter Creek subdivision.

“Everybody works hard to build these homes for us and when you get theft on your job site it's a little frustrating knowing there are people in there when you are not taking your materials away,” he said.

Cook said it's tough to keep these construction sites secure with so many people coming in and out throughout the day.

“You've got homeowners coming with the sales people to check their house, the progress. You know we ask everybody to lock up at the end of the day, but construction is more than eight hours so sometimes the trades are there when we leave, and you ask them to lock up but it doesn't always happen,” he said.

Hoag is being held at the Washington County Jail on a $7,400 bond. He faces multiple theft of property charges as well was possession of a controlled substance.